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Bioflora Health Products: +58% ROAS in Google Ads

Bioflora Health Products is a family business that was founded in the early 1960s. Bioflora Health Products originally started with a naturopathic practice and the development of its own natural product line. In 2006 Chris Lauwers and Stephanie Wyllinck took over the helm of the company and the focus was also placed on a web shop for health products. Due to the enormous knowledge of Bioflora Health Products, they are very competent to speak to every customer and thus also distinguish themselves from competitors.

The collaboration between Bioflora and eRocket came about because Chris had ambitious plans for the future for his webshop. With the focus on SEO and SEA, we started to increase the organic reach and restructure the current Google Ads account. In the beginning there was a lot of work to do so that we could lay a good foundation for the further success in this collaboration.

In Google Ads we immediately applied a completely different strategy compared to the previous online marketing agency. We have conducted many experiments to find out exactly what works and what doesn’t. Thanks to all these experiments, we have gained good and clear insights that have helped us tremendously in day-to-day optimizations. By using smart bidding strategies, giving specific brands their own campaigns and focusing on profitable products, the ROAS has increased by no less than + 58%.

In addition to the focus on Google Ads, we also invested a lot of time in SEO, we started working in volume to ensure that as many pages as possible were filled with content. Organic traffic is currently the largest channel of Bioflora and this channel continues to grow every month. By performing effective SEO work with a focus on volume, the organic traffic has increased by + 144%.